“In a symphony of scarlet, she dances through the echoes of love’s embrace, draped in the fervor of crimson threads meticulously woven by hand of Cheekslaboratory and the mind of the Model Renaye. Each stitch a testament to the ardor within, her silhouette adorned in a body-hugging embrace, a celebration of self-love as rich and deep as the hue she wears.

“Embrace the allure of red, Valentine is not merely only for lovers entwined in affection’s tender embrace, but for the solitary souls who find solace in their own warmth. For in the scarlet embrace of self-love, every heart finds its sanctuary, and every spirit its fervent flame.”



Model / Creative Direction – RENAYE

Designer/Assistant / Creative Direction – UNA / cheekslaboratory

Videography – Warren / Bloomed

Assistant – Jae 

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